Webinar: Italy vs Korea: Time Perspective View on Responses to Corona – April 3, 2020

Time Perspective Network presents a series of online Time Talks by the researchers and practitioners on various aspects of the concept of time in psychology in the current corona-virus crisis.

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Talk #2: Italy vs Korea: Time Perspective View on Responses to Corona

Did you know the word “quarantine” has its roots in Italy?

Through the lens of time perspective, how could we possibly explain the giant difference between Italy and South Korea in terms of their epidemiological results despite their similarities in health care systems and populations?

How could we use the knowledge of time perspective to understand and enhance citizens’ compliance with government orders in times of uncertainty and loss?

Join our next webinar: Italy vs Korea: Time Perspective View on Responses to Corona with Massimo Agnoletti from Italy and Dong Hun Lee from South Korea to seek your answers to such questions, ask more questions of your own to have a better understanding of your as well as everyone’s behaviors in a Corona-obsessed world!

We will also provide some insight from our cross-cultural project on time perspective – we will show and discuss the temporal profiles from these countries.

Join the dialogue!

Massimo Agnoletti, Ph.D., is interested is Time Perspective, Flow, Epigenetic Psychology, PNEI (Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology) approach of Chronic Stress.

More about Massimo: http://www.massimoagnoletti.it/english/

Dong Hun Lee, Ph.D. is interested in trauma, PTSD, suicide & self-injuries behavior, and disaster psychology and is a Professor & Coordinator of Counseling Psychology Education Program in Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, South Korea

Host: Anna Sircova, Ph.D., currently is curious about the process of futurization of thinking and behaviour.

The talk is now available here on Youtube.

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