Webinar: Subjective Experiences of Time in Isolation – April 1, 2020

During these interesting times we are finding ourselves in, we are inviting you to these series of online Time Talks by the researchers on various aspects of the concept of time in psychology.

Subjective Experiences of Time in Various Isolated and Confined Environments (Space Flights, Polar Winterings, Isolation Experiments)

Main speaker: Anna Yusupova in dialogue with Anna Sircova

Anna Yusupova, PhD, lead scientific researcher, laboratory of cognitive and social psychology, Institute for Biomedical problems, Moscow, Russia.

Anna has 20 years of research experience in isolated and confined small groups and she is the author of content analysis method used in Roscosmos”Content” space experiment since 2015. Her current project is ‘Crew communication in real and simulated space flights’.

More about Anna: profile on ResearchGate

During the lecture Anna will talk about:

  • her research project “Content” that is being carried out since 2015 with the astronauts in space;
  • subjective experiences of time;
  • styles of communication;
  • category and topic of ‘time’ during space missions, winter camps and isolation;
  • various incidents in space with high stress and uncertainty levels

Recording will be later available on the YouTube channel.

April 1, 2020
16:00 – 17:30 Copenhagen time (UTC+01:00)
online: zoom

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