Administrated Biographies

Administrated Biographies: Imagining the Future in a New Country vs Living It: When Future Becomes Present and Past

This cross-disciplinary project has been initiated at the 3rd International Conference and Festival on Time Perspective, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2016 by Elisabeth Schilling (currently Germany), Tianna Loose (currently Uruguay), Inanna Riccardi (currently Denmark), Seda Özçetin (currently Denmark) and Anna Sircova (currently Denmark).


Overall idea is to explore the subjective time concepts as a part of the cultural capital, which influences the individual’s changes, biographies and the feelings of belonging. Additionally to explore the meaning of the time perspective for a successful integration of different groups of migrants. Inquiry into the following definition of identity: “identity is the integration of self over time”.

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Project updates:


Presentation at the XVI European Congress of Psychology, July 2-5 2019, Moscow, Russia

Diversity of future perspectives – perspectives on future diversity (Elisabeth Schilling, Anna Sircova, Tianna Loose, Iniko Thornell, Ben Weber)

Summer 2019: Iniko Thornell (USA) and Ben Weber (USA) joined the project as research assistants.

2016 – 2017:

Data gathering in Denmark, conducting interviews with people living in Denmark for various length on time: over a year, between 2 and 5 years, between 5 and 10 years and over 10 years.


Symposium / Debate: Imagining the future in a new country versus living it – when future becomes present and past at the 3rd International Conference and Festival on Time Perspective, 15-19 August 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark.

In this session we discuss different issues that arise when people move to a new country. What are the hopes and fears, what are hidden challenges that suddenly arise, how to deal with culture shock, how to unlock one’s true potential in the new place. Some will present their personal stories, some – personal stories of others. We will look into the process of immigration and integration through the lens of time perspective, but not only. We have diverse backgrounds and none of us is currently living in a country we originally came from. We are psychologists, sociologist, ethnographer and graphic designers.

Elisabeth Schilling, Sociology, FHöV NRW, Germany: “Diversity of Futures – Future Diversity”

Tianna Loose, University of Nantes & Laboratoire de Psychologie des Pays de la Loire, France: “Integration of Self over Time”

Seda & Seyda , Hamide Design Studio, Denmark

Inanna Riccardi, Immigration Museum, Denmark

Anna Sircova, Time Perspective Network, Denmark