Time Perspective Network is open for membership applications. The Association registers Individuals (Ordinary Membership) and also Organizations (Associate Membership).


3.1. Ordinary Membership shall be open to anyone interested in furthering the aims and objectives of the Association. Subject to payment of annual subscriptions, as determined by the Executive Board and approved at each Annual General Assembly.

3.2. Associate Membership shall be open to other organizations, such as local businesses. Associate Membership entitles the bearer to participate in all activities and general assemblies of the Association, but excludes voting rights.

3.3. Complimentary memberships can be offered both to Ordinary Members and Associate Members as deemed appropriate by the Executive Board, and voted upon by the general membership.

As of March 1, 2019, Ordinary Membership fee is 150 DKK per calendar year.

To become a member

Please fill out the form below and transfer 150 DKK

Bank details:

Merkur Bank

IBAN kontonummer    :    DK4484010001299157

SWIFT-adresse/BIC    :    MEKUDK21

Organization: Time Perspective Network

CVR nr: 37377996