Time Perspective Network

Aims and Objectives

2.1. The Association is a non-profit making organization whose overall aim is to explore the concept of time.

2.2. The Association’s main objectives shall be to conduct relevant research; share information; organize conferences, workshops, festivals, summer / winter schools, etc., educate and encourage newcomers to join and participate in the Association; provide social activities for members; further the art, science, and enjoyment of the subject matter.

2.3. The activities of the Association shall be held and maintained in the spirit of these purposes.

Full Articles of the Association

Established on January 18th, 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Current headquarters are at Rantzausgade 34a, st.tv, Copenhagen 2200, Denmark.

Executive Board:

Anna Sircova – Chair

Irina Birsan – Treasurer

Fernanda Poblete – Secretary