Open Lecture: Developmental Aspects of Time – April 16, 2020

Time Perspective Network presents a series of online Time Talks by the researchers and practitioners on various aspects of the concept of time in psychology.

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Talk #4: Open Lecture by Anna Sircova

Before and After: Developmental Aspects of Time

Time: Apr 16, 2020 07:00 PM Copenhagen

During this Open Lecture, Anna will talk about:

  • How our psychological time changes throughout the life-span
  • The sense of time in childhood and how it develops and changes in adolescence, and in later stages of our lives
  • Anna’s research project on developmental trajectories of the time perspectives factors in Russia, what is the relation between time perspective, subjective quality of life, well-being and tolerance to the ambiguity.
  • Time after death (transcendental time) and time before birth (prenatal time).

Lecturer: Anna Sircova, PhD, Researcher and Head of the Board, Time Perspective Network, Copenhagen, Denmark

The lecture will later be available on our Youtube channel.

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