Space of Futurization: Interactive Installation | DIS Showcase, Copenhagen, December 11, 2019

When future is “anything after today”, “abstract” and “inevitable”, or when future is “a place in time”, “concrete” and “personal”..

Futurization seems to mean “an active role”, “a process” and “engaging in shaping the world towards a desired future for oneself and for society at large”..

Future can be strange, scary, intimidating and disconnected, but also exciting, empathetic and hopeful…

What your future is like?
How far into the future can you see?
How often do you futurize?

Join us in this interactive installation, exploring the images of the future, but also the processes contributing to its formation. Let’s co-create this space of futurization to inspire us to make meaningful actions.

Welcome to Futurinarium!

Project by Futurization of Thinking and Behavior research group:
Anna Sircova, PhD
Pinja Päivinen
Sam Anderson
Jacob Liedke
Blake Katz
Emily Han
Sam Armstrong

With special appearance of Mr. Bugbird from the “Futurize Me: Research Performance” – live music by Alex Choub

December 11, 2019, 15:30 to 17:00

Vestergade 23, room 303, Copenhagen, Denmark



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