International Symposium on Time Perspective | 29-31 October, 2019 Southwest University, Chongqing, China

International Symposium on Time Perspective: Beyond East and West took place at Faculty of Psychology, Southwest University between 29-31 October, 2019, Chongqing, China. Hosted by Houchao Lyu and Chongzeng Bi. Participants gathered at the event were coming from USA, Denmark, Germany, China, South Korea, France, Greece and Australia.

The opening ceremony took place at the Guigui Hall of Guiyuan Hotel on the morning of October 30, 2019, where among others, Prof. Huang Xiting, the founder of Chinese time psychology, briefly introduced the history and achievements of the research on time psychology of Southwest University.

The opening of the Symposium also served as the inauguration ceremony for the newly established Time Psychology Research Center, with Prof. Houchao Lyu serving as the director of it.

Dr. Anna Sircova shortly introduced the Time Perspective Network to the audience and carried out the launch of the Chinese translation (by prof. Houchao Lyu) of the book Time Perspective Theory; Review, Research and Application edited by Maciej Stolarski, Nicolas Fieulaine and Wessel van Beek and published by Springer in 2015.

Overall it has been a very inspiring event, with many interesting discussions and insights, meeting with old colleagues and establishing new connections. Many thanks to prof. Houchao Lyu, who has organized the event – it was a great experience all together!

See the program and abstracts of the presentations here.

October 30, 2019

Prof. Frank Worrell (Berkley University, USA) delivered a talk on Time Attitudes Profiles: A Superordinate Time Perspective Construct.

Dr. Anna Sircova (Time Perspective Network, Denmark) gave an overview of the Developmental Aspects of Time Perspective, from childhood to old age and beyond.

Prof. Dong Hun Lee (Seoul, South Korea) presented the Korean Short Version of the ZTPI to be used among traumatized population in Korea.

Dr. Nicolas Fieulaine (NFEtudes – Behavioral Science Agency, France) brought our attention to the very practical application of time research for improving, for example, workflow of the public servants, transportation system, and helping people with chronic diseases not to forget to take their medication.

Prof. Marc Wittmann (Institute for Frontier Areas of Psychology and Mental Health, Germany) talked about time orientation and self-control.

Prof. Frank Worrell delivered a talk on behalf of Dr. Zena Mello (San Francisco State University, USA) on Time Attitudes and Risky behaviors among Adolescents in America and Germany.

Prof. Houchao Lyu (Southwest University, China) presented some insights from developing various measures in China and longitudinal study of time perspective.

Dr. Alexander Unger (Germany) talked about the influence of time perspective, perceived stress and self-efficacy on burnout.

Dr. Julie Papastamatelou (Greece) discussed the construal level as a mediator of influence of future orientation on ethical decisions and judgements.

The day was concluded with a dinner.

October 31, 2019

Prof. Yiqun Gan (Peking University, China) talked about fascinating research on future orientation and discounting, presenting the Temporal Doppler Effect and touching upon the genetic research in relation to time orientations.

Prof. Jenefer Husman (University of Oregon, USA), who has closely worked with Prof. Willy Lens, talked about Stories of the Future: integrating research on future thinking and future time perspective.

Prof. Xiuyan Guo (East China Normal University, China) presented on implicit learning of temporal order.

Prof. Elizabeth Temple (University of New England, Australia) talked about the influence of individual differences on positive attitudes towards the present and future.

One of the students of prof. Tingyong Feng (Southwest University, China) has presented interesting research on procrastination.

Dr. Lening Olivera (Yale University, School of Medicine, USA) presented interesting connection between stress, time perspectives and cortisol dynamics among healthy adults.

Prof. Chongzeng Bi and prof. Houchao Lyu (Southwest University, China) hosted the closing ceremony of the Symposium.

Later in the day we were exploring a bit of Chingqing downtown and tasting the local hotpot.



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