Futurization Symposium | ECP2019, July 3, Moscow, Russia

Today, Time Perspective Network hosted a symposium during the 16th European Congress of Psychology, Moscow, Russia.


Exploring Various Aspects of Futurization – a cross-disciplinary symposium looking into the emerging concept of ‘futurization’ (of thinking, behavior, politics, etc.) and the image of the future from the perspectives of psychology, behavioral economics and sociology. We explored multiple facets of ‘futurization’ in relation to personal identity level, but also on societal level and linking it to diversity, migration, sustainability and human nature and development in general. Decisions made today can have far-reaching consequences for individuals, societies, and ecosystems in the future. Yet far too often, present feelings are so powerful that considerations of future events are neglected: individual interests in the present become fulfilled at the expense of the common interest for the future and the generations to come. We discussed novel solutions that psychology, behavioral economics and sociology have to offer to this classical temporal dilemma – a temporal conflict between short-term and long-term interests.


Futurization of Thinking and Behaviour: Developing the Empirical Definition of the Concept by Anna Sircova (Denmark)

Diversity of future perspectives – perspectives on future diversity by Elisabeth Schilling (Germany)

Parental time perspective and socioeconomic status are related to the development of episodic foresight in preschool children by Alejandro Vásquez (Uruguay)

Alternative approaches to empirical study of Time Perspective by Olga Strizhitskaya (Russia)

Dark future and the attitudes toward global risk by Tim Nestik (Russia)


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