Time Perspective Network – General Assembly, March 1, 2019

General Assembly of the Association was held today, March 1, 2019 at the Headquarters of the Association in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Items of the Agenda were:

1. Report on the activities in 2018
2. Report on the budget in 2018
3. Report on the new members in 2018
4. Changes in the Board and elections

Minutes of the General Assembly are available here.

The Executive Board currently consists of: Anna Sircova (Chair), Irina Birsan (Treasurer), Fernanda Poblete (Secretary).

General Assembly meeting was followed by the Executive Board meeting. Minutes of the meeting are available here.

Projects of the Association in 2019:

Probable Anna’s talk at EFPSA’s convention in Grenaa, Denmark – April 11, 2019

Research Festival Denmark – workshops by Anna Sircova “Where is My Time?” – end of April 2019

Futurization research project – Anna Sircova

Administrated Biographies research project – Anna Sircova & Elisabeth Schilling (Germany)

Symposium: Exploring various aspects of futurization – | XVI European Congress of Psychology, JULY 2-5 2019 MOSCOW, RUSSIA
Anna Sircova (Denmark)
Elisabeth Schilling (Germany)
Alejandro Vásquez-Echeverría (Uruguay)
Olga Strizhitskaya (Russia)

Dhrupad event – partnership between Time Perspective Network, Creative Time Studio, Cinemateket, World Music Festival – September 2019

International Symposium on Time Perspective, Beyond East and West, Southwest University, Chongqing, China, October 16-18, 2019 – Anna Sircova invited to participate.

Concept development for arts and scientific program of TPN meeting in Vilnius – July 2020