Summer 2020 – Projects & Team Members

This summer, the Futurization of Thinking and Behavior Lab is working on five projects:

  1. Images of the Future: We plan to compare the images evoked when talking about future in Denmark, United States, and China. We’ll investigate both the content per se (such as theme) and its affect to draw meaningful cultural conclusions.
  2. Development of a Semantic Differential Scale on Perceptions of Global/Personal Future: In addition to finalizing the most relevant items from the original 67 ones, we’ll also look at the differences in images between personal and global futures, before and during the pandemic.
  3. Interview Study: We are analyzing the interviews about personal and global future with American and Danish younger and older adults, both before and during the pandemic.
  4. Cross-Cultural Project on Time Perspective (TP): We expect to establish a cross-culturally valid version of ZTPI, develop a balanced time perspective model, and identify various well-being constructs that is linked with TP.
  5. Pandemic Responses and Time Perspectives: Psychological Segmentation to Inform Crisis Policymaking and Governance (waiting for grant)

Joining our research team are people based in different parts of the world:

Juliette Pope is a rising senior studying psychology and studio art at Vassar College in New York State, where she also serves as the Graphics Editor of the Miscellany News. She was born in Los Angeles but currently lives in London, where she spends her time in self-isolation, like everyone else these days. Juliette was introduced to the study of time perspectives during her semester abroad in Copenhagen, and is continuing to pursue her interest in the field. Juliette will graduate from her undergraduate program in May 2021, and intends to continue studying psychology at the graduate level.

Duc Pham is a rising senior from Saigon, Vietnam. He double majors in Psychology and Film & Media Studies at Hamilton College in Clinton, New York. Having lived in different parts of the world, Duc is interested in cross-cultural psychological research and using it to design interventions in order to help underserved populations cope with difficult situations and flourish. Duc is planning to pursue a doctoral degree in Social/Counseling Psychology after graduation next spring. His hobbies include photography, filmmaking (including both shows and movies), reading, and people-watching.

Reina Deol is from Sacramento, CA. She is currently majoring in Biology at Scripps College in Claremont, CA and expected to graduate in May of 2021. She has worked in two different life science research labs. During my second year of college, she did molecular biology research on the role of the KIRREL3 gene in humans’ brains. She is currently in a microbiology lab that studies how Bacillus subtilis respond to metal stress, specifically Zinc. Finding new ways to improve the quality of life in individuals is something she is passionate about. In her free time she loves to exercise, hang out with friends, read books, bike, and play basketball. She would describe herself as analytical, determined, empathetic, and organized.

Matt Cho is a rising senior at Rice University and he studies psychology and history. He plans to graduate in spring of 2021 and attend graduate school to continue my studies. His main interest in this project is in cross cultural psychology and studying the differences in perspectives on the future among various nationalities and cultures. In more personal news, he could kill for a decent ramen right now or any food that isn’t his mother’s cooking. 

Benjamin Weber (he/him) – he’s been working out of Madison, Wisconsin, USA since beginning his undergraduate degree. At the University of Wisconsin- Madison, he earned a B.S. in philosophy in 2020 and has published in the fields of History of Astronomy and Philosophy of Psycholinguistics. His interest in Psychology of Time began with a course during his third year of college instructed by the Network’s own Professor Sircova, Ph.D. In his free time he enjoys reading, rock climbing, hiking, and practicing meditation.

Pinja Päivinen graduated two years ago from St. Lawrence University where she studied psychology and philosophy. She developed a special interest in the areas of cultural differences, morality and ethics, and sustainability gaining a passion for interdisciplinary research and applying psychology to all areas of life and thought. Even while working in the hospitality industry after graduation she’s been excited to stay involved and learn and share her knowledge working with the futurization project the past few years. In her free time she is a devoted beginner sourdough baker, food explorer and loves the outdoors!

Marc Benjamin is from the land of sun, sand and sea, Antigua and Barbuda. He’s currently pursuing my PhD in Applied Psychology in Southwest University in Chongqing, China. His previous research interests lay in alcoholism and sexual abuse and Chinese Guanxi and Western Networking concepts in Organizational Psychology. Currently, he is working on how Time Perspective can be used to mitigate the negative effects of uncertainty during a crisis situation, namely, the COVID 19 epidemic. Outside of these research interests, he enjoys reading, writing, rollerblading, movies, art, history and intriguing conversation exploring abstract ideas.

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