Time Talks: How Do We Manage Our Terror in Times of Corona? – May 12, 2020

Time Perspective Network presents series of online Time Talks by the researchers and practitioners on various aspects of the concept of time in psychology.

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Talk #9: How Do We Manage Our Terror in Times of Corona?

Time: May 12, 2020 04:00 PM Copenhagen

Did you know the uniquely human fear of death has a pervasive effect on human beings’ thoughts, feelings, and behavior? Humans manage the terror of death by adhering to culturally constructed beliefs about reality that provide a sense that one is a person of value in a world of meaning, and thus eligible for either literal or symbolic immortality. The quest for immortality underlies some of humankind’s most noble achievements. It also, however, engenders some of our most ignominious affectations, including: hostility and disdain for people with different beliefs; attraction to ideological demagogues; indifference to, or contempt for, the natural environment; and, the mindless pursuit of material possessions—which, if unchecked, may render humans the first form of life responsible for their own extinction.

Sheldon Solomon will present an overview of these ideas above and empirical work that corroborates them, and then consider the implications of these notions for managing our terror in times of Corona.

Sheldon Solomon, PhD is a Professor of Psychology at Skidmore College, New York. Sheldon is mainly interested in psychological function of self-esteem and the effects of human awareness of death on thoughts, feelings, and behavior. His studies of the effects of the uniquely human awareness of death on behavior have been supported by the National Science Foundation and Ernest Becker Foundation, and were featured in the award winning documentary film Flight from Death: The Quest for Immortality. He is co-author of In the Wake of 9/11: The Psychology of Terror and The Worm at the Core: On the Role of Death in Life.

Host: Anna Sircova, Ph.D., Researcher, Head of the Board of Time Perspective Network.

The talk will be later uploadedon our Youtube channel.

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